MARSHALL VAUGHN is not his real name, and he’s not your typical sex worker. Six months of exclusivity comes at a $300,000 price tag, though whether an experienced bottom or a complete novice to D/s play, every client gets their money’s worth. But when one of them inadvertently lands him back in the cross-hairs of the FBI, Marshall speeds through the twisting switchbacks of the Pacific Northwest wilderness to lay low. Except he can’t. The empty house tweaks his synaesthesia, and silky red ropes are no fun alone, so before the engine of his Jaguar has even cooled he’s on to the next one.

A sharp-tongued, Type-A ad exec in killer Valentinos. MOIRA BERTHELSEN couldn’t be less interested in the complication of a real romance. She hires Marshall to teach her the ropes of D/s with no strings attached. Complications set in from the very first date. A one-eyed Russian Dominatrix stomps in and whispers a secret in his ear. Marshall’s mentor is beckoning him to return to Italy —where a sensual, icy Mistress waits to collar him. His confidant wants him to give up the cloak-and-dagger, before Homeland Security catches up with him.

Sessions with Moira are getting hotter, their connection deeper, and one by one, Marshall’s rules are eroding. Moira wants the real Marshall, which presents him with impossible choices. Give up the life he’s crafted, reveal the truth, and put Moira in the cross-hairs with him, or end her contract and let her walk away believing he really is a traitorous criminal. Keep her, or keep her safe, and unfortunately for Marshall, he’s already broken the cardinal rule.

Never Fall in Love.


The Rules – Marshall


The Rules – Dominic


The Rules – Wolf

The Rules – Chase